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What is the problem of your Leather?

Leather is the luxury line of furniture. It requires professional care to maintain its suppleness. This include cleaning, rejuvenating the moisture and fat liquors that have evaporated, and applying the proper protection. Because leather is a SKIN, it will eventually dry & cracked if not moisturized regularly. Properly maintained leather will prevent crackings & last for years.

Restore the Beauty of Your Leather for a Fraction of the Cost of New! Rips, stains, puncture marks, scratches, cracking, burns and general wear and tear can be repaired using the latest restoration methods.

Our leather product is the highest quality available in the industry. Waste your time and money on inferior leather care products will frustrate you for days. With professional professional quality products, AND, by following our detailed instructions, great results can be achieved.

If you are NOT SURE which products to use, EMAIL to: with pictures of your furniture for our opinions.

Type A, P, N Leather is referrenced thru out our products. It's important for you to know what you have in order to use the best appropriate treatment. Click HERE to learn more how to identify Analine, Pigmented Leather
* Type A = Analine Leather, Natural
* Type P = Protected leather,Finished, Pigmented
* Type N = Nubuck leather, Distressed

There's a variety of issues common to leather: Sun Damaged, ink stains, body oils, dogs/cats claw marks. These factors make your project unique. Every leather piece presents different challenges and requires unique solutions for each case. You can read the product descriptions and come up with your own solutions. OR take a look at our Before & After pictures to find out what products we use to correct the problems.

STEP by STEP INSTRUCTIONS: How to Dye, Refinish, Change Color on Leather

  • Leather Refinish: Convert Analine to Pigment Instructions
  • Leather Refinish Instructions for Pigmented Type
  • Leather Refinish Instructions for Analine Type

  • What is the problem of your Leather?

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