DYE for Leather Jacket, Handbag

DYE for Leather Jacket, Handbag
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Product Description

DYE for Leather Jacket, Handbag
Costa Brava Acrylic Dye is suited for jacket, belt and handbag. The most common use of this product is for the restoration and recoloration of leather apparel including: jacket, handbag, glove, belt, coat. To dye skin's edge or underside. Can also be used to to dye smooth leather. Dye is semi-transaprent, blendable color. The new tint will renew and enhance your existing color. Don't worry if you dye color is not an exact perfect match. The color pigments will blend-in penetrating the leather so the final color will look uniform. This methos is a RESTORATION process (not a different color change). For example: you have a faded brown jacket and want to restore it to a dark brown (but NOT from brown to green).

Application Instructions:
Make sure surface is CLEAN for good adhesion and even look. Shake bottle well. Apply dye with a sponge or foam brush. Leave to dry, apply more coats as needed.
* Apply 1st coat to the areas that most discolored. The first coat may look blotchy and uneven, especially when the dye is still wet.
* Apply 2nd coat on the entire jacket or handbag to blend out the color. Hang dry, if it looks great after drying. Congratulations! You are done!
* Apply 3rd coat (if needed) to smooth out color and provide uniform even look. Buff gently to remove excess dye (if any).

Leather Protectant is the final step. This is optional, but Leather Protectant helps to waterproof your jacket or handbag so it stays cleaner longer. Simply apply the Leather Protection Cream to a soft cloth and wipe it on evenly (after your jacket dry for 24 hour). CLICK HERE to purchase Leather Protectant.

* To lighten the color, purchase the Clear option together with your Base color. For example, you have a brown (base color) leather piece and not sure if it is med brown or dark brown. Buy the Dark Brown AND Clear, mix them together to achieve the lighter desired effect. TIPS: Always test with lighter color first, then go darker as needed.

* To darken color, just apply the 2nd or 3rd coat. For much darker color, purchase black and mix with your base color. For example, turn blue into navy or red to burgundy.

In general, 100ml bottle would cover a medium size jacket. Available in 8 colors primary colors. Mixed them to create colors of your own ! High quality color dye for the pros!

Color Mixing Tips
* Orange: Yellow + Red
* Burnt Orange: Yellow + Red + Med Brown
* Olive Green: Yellow + Green>5 + Black
* Vanilla: White>25 + Dark Brown
* Burgundy: Red>10 + Cordovan>3 + Black>5
* Forest Green: Yellow + Green>5 + Blue>5 + Black >2
* Navy Blue: Blue + Black
* Purple: Red + Blue
* Grey: White>15 + Blue + Black>2

Note: Every leather article is unique in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation; we strongly recommend First TESTING the color on a less visible part of the jacket/handbag before proceeding with the whole artcile.


Analine Tint PREP KIT
Put soft cleaner into pump bottle and apply to sponge to clean. Add tints (from tint starter kit) to "wipe out" into a small cup to achieve color match, apply with dab cloth & dry each step with hair dryer. can use tints straight when your color match is good.

Kit contains:
*soft cleaner bottle
*Pump bottle
*Two small sponges
* Four tint applicator cloths.
Leather Master  Strong Cleaner
Strong Cleaner is a mild, water based cleaner that can be used on a most aniline and pigmented leathers. It will clean soiling as well as most water based stains.

This product is used in the same manner as Leather Soft Cleaner, but its action is more intensive thanks to the greater concentration of active substances. The difference in this product is that it has twice the active cleaning ingredients.

Strong Cleaner can be used on all leathers types. It is very important that you use the product in combination with a sponge to foam the product, and a cloth to wipe away the excess dirt. This product does not remove the finish from any leather that has the proper rub resistance standards. Available in 2 sizes: 250 ml, 1 Liter.

CLICK HERE for Video Instructions of How to Apply Leather Master Strong Cleaner

How to apply Strong Cleaner on Leather

1.Pour little amount on sponge; rub into sponge, gently squeeze the sponge to create foams. Then apply to leather in a circular motion. Work cleanser gently into leather (do not scrub leather).

2. Allow a few moments for the foam to dissolve the dirt, and then remove the foam with a clean white cloth to lift dirt from leather. If your furniture is heavily soiled allow the foam to stand for 30 seconds or longer before removing it.

NOTE: It is not unusual to see darkening of the leather; it will lighten again as it dries. This product is NOT a detergent, but rather a surfactant, so it needs a little extra time to work. Be patient.

3.Repeat process for stubborn soiling.

For Leather Types A, P & N
Leather Soft Cleaner
The Leather Master System is based on:

1/ Cleaning – eliminating dirt and removing stains for a leather sofa that is always clean and that maintains its attractive appearance.

2/ Protection – to guarantee the original quality of the leather and to maintain a sofa that looks new even after years of use.

Leather Soft Cleaner is a waterbased cleaner that can be used on all Leather types. This is a mild cleaner that will not affect the Leather’s original properties or finish.

Leather Soft Cleaner will clean most soiling as well as waterbased stains. For Light Soiling Surface. If your leather is medium to heavy soiled, use Strong Cleaner or AQUILA.

Soft Cleaner is a mild, water-based detergent, which will remove general soiling and water-based stains. Soft Cleaner is pH neutral, so it is gentle enough to be used regularly on leather furniture, shoes, handbags and clothing.

When selecting a leather cleaner pH is an important consideration. Leather is slightly acidic, but many cleaners are highly alkaline. Alkaline cleaners react with the bonds between the leather fibres, causing the leather to dry and shrink. The pH of cleaning solutions can also affect the stability of dyes, pigments and leather finishes. Any product that is used regularly on leather should be have a neutral pH.

A regualr cleaner should also be water-based. Many cleaners contain solvents, such as alcohol or mineral spirits. Solvent-based cleaners will definitely clean, but they can also damage leather. Solvent-based cleaners should not be used for regular cleaning. Soft Cleaner is solvent free – it works without affecting the integrity of your leather or its finish.

1.Pour little amount on sponge; rub into sponge, then apply to leather in a circular motion. Work cleanser gently into leather (do not scrub leather). Wipe off the contaminants with a clean cotton cloth or microfiber to lift dirt from leather.

2.It is not unusual to see darkening of the leather; it will lighten again as it dries. This product is NOT a detergent, but rather a surfactant, so it needs a little extra time to work. Be patient.

3.Repeat process for stubborn soiling.

CLICK HERE for Video Instructions, Leather Master Soft Cleaner

Leather Soft Cleaner is solvent free and works without removing finish or harming the Leather. The only time that Leather Soft Cleaner could remove color or change the Leather is under the following circumstances:

1. If the Leather is not colorfast to any type of liquid. You can test this by wetting a soft, white cloth with distilled or purified water and wiping the Leather. If color comes off on the cloth from only purified water, the Leather Soft Cleaner or anything else will also remove color.

2. If the Leather Soft Cleaner appears to have darkened the Leather, it is extremely absorbent. The Leather has shrunk. The Leather has not gotten darker, but each dot of color has gotten closer together, thus giving the appearance of becoming dark. All you need to do is to stretch the Leather by pulling it in all directions. You will see the color lighten.

For Leather Types A & P

How to Clean Leather Instructions

1. Pour a small amount of Leather Soft Cleaner onto a clean sponge and gently squeeze the sponge to create foam. Cleaning with foam ensures that the cleaner sits on the surface of the leather where it is needed and doesn’t penetrate deep into the leather where it isn’t needed.

2. Apply the foam to the surface to be cleaned. Allow a few moments for the foam to dissolve the dirt, and then remove the foam with a clean white cloth. Do not rub or scrub at the leather, let the chemical action of the cleaner do the work. Rubbing and scrubbing works on pots and pans, it doesn’t work on leather. Rubbing and scrubbing drives dirt deeper into the leather and damages the topcoat.

3. Always re-protect with Leather Protection Cream after cleaning with Leather Soft Cleaner.

If stains or soiling remain after cleaning with Leather Soft Cleaner, try cleaning the area again. If this doesn’t remove the stain you will need to use a stronger cleaner

Available Sizes: 250ml/8.45oz 1 liter

For stubborn stains like ink, dye transfer, glue..., use solvent cleaners to remove the stains. Solvent cleaners contain alcohol or mineral spirits. These types of cleaners will definitely clean, but also will attack either the finish or dry the Leather out.
$6.99, 3/$20.00
Sandpaper Sheets
Use the 400 grit for sanding fillers and for smoothing out scratches and cracks.

Use 600 grit to lightly buff the finish between coats
Questions? Email: support@LeatherRepairPro.com