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Leather Seats are a luxurious, prestigous investment to any car. They are unmatched in durability, beauty, and comfort. Properly maintained, they will last for the life of the car. And, unlike cloth upholstery, even poorly maintained leather may be brought back to "like new" condition for a fraction cost of a new seat. So, before replacing worn leather car seats, let us show you how to restore your stained and worn leather!

Leather Seat Restoration: We have hundreds of automotive interior color matches for your vehicle. Our colors apply whether the interior element is the vinyl dash, plastic trim, leather seats. Just view our color charts to pick your color from the list and make your interior look new again!

The Classic Coat is the ideal aerosol to renew or change the color of your leather or vinyl interior. Auto matched and advanced technology provides superior adhesion and flexiblility. It produces a coating that is flexible enough for seats. Abrasion and UV resistant enough for convertible and vinyl tops. This specially formulated coating matches automotive OEM specs for appearance, scuff resistance and overall durability. In general, to recolor your seat:
1/ Select Your Color
2/ Order the Auto Leather PREP Kit
and you are ready for your fun & rewarding project.

Leather Auto Car Seat, How to Refinish Instructions

If you are NOT SURE which products to use, EMAIL to: with picture of your furniture for our opinions.

What product should you choose, SureCoat, ClassicCoat,ColorCoat OR Tint? Visit our FAQ section.

Don't let the color selections below confuse you. If you find the swatch that match your needs, go for it. The breakdown of Auto Brand is just a reference to help you pick out your color more quickly. You can use this can on any car seat, sofa, chairs...

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