Repair Tear, Rip on Leather Jacket

Repair Tear, Rip on Leather Jacket
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Instructions How to Fix Tears, Rips, Holes on Leather Jacket

PRO2 Filler for Cat Scratches, Holes, Rips. NO Heat Repair
Flexible Filler for Leather.

NO Heat Required! Use to repair cat & dog deep scratches, cuts, tears, small holes. Excellence flexibility. Could be used in high traffic area (like seat cushions). If you have a large tear, rips, trim off the frayed edges first.

To be applied over the Subpatch paper to repair tears and holes. If you are filling in deep scratches from pet claw marks, no subpatch paper is needed.

The product contains about 30% of water, so it will "shrinks down" when dry. Wait until it air dried, then apply a another layer until the tear/hole is completely filled. Depend on the size of the holes, on average, 2,3 layers is recommended as it yields a stronger repair. Be patient, wait for the first coat to dry before applying another one. You can speed up drying time with a hair dryer or fan. It is flexible and very durable. Also use it to repair your favorite jacket or handbag if needed.

Pro 2 is off white color with a gloss sheen when dry. It needs to be colored after drying to match your repair area. Select your color HERE If you prefer a matte finish, you can either buy a Duller finsih, OR apply Leather Protectant cream with Matte Finish, OR Sand the repair area with 400grit sandpaper to lessen the gloss sheen.

(See Picture Above) The adhesion of a filler is dependent on the thickness of the product; the thinner the product, the better the adhesion, the thicker the product the worse the adhesion. So be patient and:
* Apply in thin layers for a strong, lasting repair. Let air dry before apply the next layer.
* Sand to smooth out any uneven areas.
* Then select a matching color under our "Leather Recolor" section to cover up the repairs and scratches. Don't worry. Leather paint is not hard. The final reward is well worth it. If you want something simple, just select the ClassicCoat Spraycan and spray over the affected areas. The most important key is: choosing the right color.

You may want to consider our: Leather and Vinyl Repair KIT. It has everything you need for leather repair, including ... 9 colors to mix and match.
DYE for Leather Jacket, Handbag
Costa Brava Acrylic Dye is suited for jacket, belt and handbag. The most common use of this product is for the restoration and recoloration of leather apparel including: jacket, handbag, glove, belt, coat. To dye skin's edge or underside. Can also be used to to dye smooth leather. Dye is semi-transaprent, blendable color. The new tint will renew and enhance your existing color. Don't worry if you dye color is not an exact perfect match. The color pigments will blend-in penetrating the leather so the final color will look uniform. This methos is a RESTORATION process (not a different color change). For example: you have a faded brown jacket and want to restore it to a dark brown (but NOT from brown to green).

Application Instructions:
Make sure surface is CLEAN for good adhesion and even look. Shake bottle well. Apply dye with a sponge or foam brush. Leave to dry, apply more coats as needed.
* Apply 1st coat to the areas that most discolored. The first coat may look blotchy and uneven, especially when the dye is still wet.
* Apply 2nd coat on the entire jacket or handbag to blend out the color. Hang dry, if it looks great after drying. Congratulations! You are done!
* Apply 3rd coat (if needed) to smooth out color and provide uniform even look. Buff gently to remove excess dye (if any).

Leather Protectant is the final step. This is optional, but Leather Protectant helps to waterproof your jacket or handbag so it stays cleaner longer. Simply apply the Leather Protection Cream to a soft cloth and wipe it on evenly (after your jacket dry for 24 hour). CLICK HERE to purchase Leather Protectant.

* To lighten the color, purchase the Clear option together with your Base color. For example, you have a brown (base color) leather piece and not sure if it is med brown or dark brown. Buy the Dark Brown AND Clear, mix them together to achieve the lighter desired effect. TIPS: Always test with lighter color first, then go darker as needed.

* To darken color, just apply the 2nd or 3rd coat. For much darker color, purchase black and mix with your base color. For example, turn blue into navy or red to burgundy.

In general, 100ml bottle would cover a medium size jacket. Available in 8 colors primary colors. Mixed them to create colors of your own ! High quality color dye for the pros!

Color Mixing Tips
* Orange: Yellow + Red
* Burnt Orange: Yellow + Red + Med Brown
* Olive Green: Yellow + Green>5 + Black
* Vanilla: White>25 + Dark Brown
* Burgundy: Red>10 + Cordovan>3 + Black>5
* Forest Green: Yellow + Green>5 + Blue>5 + Black >2
* Navy Blue: Blue + Black
* Purple: Red + Blue
* Grey: White>15 + Blue + Black>2

Note: Every leather article is unique in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation; we strongly recommend First TESTING the color on a less visible part of the jacket/handbag before proceeding with the whole artcile.
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