KIT Deluxe: Prep, Brush & Spray for Protected Leather

KIT Deluxe: Prep, Brush & Spray for Protected Leather
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Save 10% OFF Just order Surecoat Paint and you are ready for a fun, rewarding recolor project. This kit is to used with Pigmented/Protected paint and NOT to be used with Analine dye.

Convenient Package for your DIY Leather Painting Needs. Save money on costly restoration project performed by the professionals. Follow our Step-by-Step instructions, and you will be proud of you Leather Recolor Project.

Leather Paint are sold seperately. Just select the Color Coat (brown tone) of your choice below under Accessories, OR for other color, visit our Furniture Recolor Section

STANDARD Kit contains:
* Sem Soap Designed as a first step cleaner for all repair and refinish procedures. SOAP gravitates into the pores of the substrate and floats contaminants to the surface. SOAP also contains a slight abrasive to open the substrate for greater adhesion. It's normal to see color comes off when you are scrubbing with Sem Soap. 15 oz package. Rub the soap into leather with a grey scuff pad. Wipe off residue with a clean towel.
* Leather/Plastic PREP areosol to clean & prepare surface for better adhesion 16oz.
* Surecoat Reducer to thin paint for spraying, 4oz
* Surecoat Crosslinker to increase adhesion & surface resistance to stains, .5oz
* SpraySet complete kit SpraTool/PowerPak to spray the color at the finish stage
* Foam Brush 2in to brush the color in, the first, 2nd base coat.
* Cup, Latex Gloves
* 400 grit Sandpaper, Scuff Pad

Everything in the Standard Kit PLUS:
* Surecoat Reducer 16oz (instead of 4 oz)
* Foam Brushes: 1in, 2in, 3in
* Cross Linker 1oz (instead of .05oz)
* 600 grit Sandpaper, Grey Scuff Pad
* Refill aerosol can for SpraTool/PowerPak
Large kit is typically recommended if you are restoring large pieces like a sofa and loveseat.

The biggest difference between this Deluxe Kit and the Basic Kit is the addition of the Spray tool and Reducer. It gives the flexibilty to both paint with a brush and SPRAY. Spraying yields a smooth, more profesional finish.

To view VIDEO Instructions of How to use the Spray Kit CLICK HERE


1/ Clean with SEM SOAP. Wet your grey scrub pad, then squeeze all excess water to make the pad lightly damp. Pour SEM Soap onto the damp pad and scrub your leather surface to remove dirt, soil, contaminants and any loose particles. Some of the old paint & color will come off and transfer to your pad. This is normal.

2/ Clean with SEM Plastic/Leather PREP. Spray your soiled leather liberally with Leather Prep. Wipe off the excess with a clean white towel. Don't worry if some stains remain. The main purpose of prepping is to lift the contaminants out and open the pores for better paint adhesion. Wait until it dries (about 10min-15min,depend on your room temperature) before painting.

3/ Use fine sand paper to smooth out any rough spots, scrapes and scratches. Reclean with Leather Prep if needed after sanding.

4/ ADD CROSSLINKER into your Surecoat paint before painting. Shake well. Crosslinker enhances surface resistance and prolong the life of your recoloring job.

4 (a)/ If Brushing, you don't need to add reducer. We normally apply the first coat with a foam brush and cover up all the edges, corners, hidden folds at this time. You may see light foam brush marks at this point. It will look better when it dries. Also spraying in the next step will provide a smooth finish.

4 (b)/ Now Mix REDUCER wih Surecoat paint to thin the colorant for easy, smooth spray. Shake well. Then Spray the next 2, 3 coats with the SpraTool (included in this package). Spraying yields a smoother finish when it dries. Spray in thin layers. Make sure the paint is dry (about 10-15minutes, depend on your room temperature) before applying another coat.

TIPS: if the unit does NOT spray, there are 2 common issues: 1/ You did not add enough Reducer, so the paint is too thick. Add a little more reducer, shake well(up to 30% of reducer can be added). 2/ The tip (red, blue, or white) is clogged. Use a pin, or needle and push thru the 2 tiny spray holes at the tip (air and paint) to clear the clog.

Allow the paint to cure for about 72 hours before normal usage.


Furniture Leather Color, Surecoat , BROWN (ish)
!!!Click on Color Swatch Above for Larger View!!!

CLICK HERE for video "How To Apply SEM Surecoat" to refinish leather seats

Select your Color. 8oz Surecoat covers apprx 10sf or one arm chair.

You may find a good match on this page or you may find a good match on the auto-matched color page, Click Here for more color choices. If you are NOT sure which color to choose and would like to keep the SAME color, CUSTOM MATCH is definitely the way to go. You mail us a 2 in sample. Our lab will prepare an Exact Color Match to match your custom sample. For DIY, an Exact Color Match will make your repair or restortation job much, much easier (if you want to keep the original (non-faded) color of the couch.

For a successful recoloring of leather, make sure the leather is cleaned at least two times with the SEM plastic leather prep. The leather must be dry and apply the color in light coats to achieve a professional looking finish.

From the years of using the Sem sure-coat to recolor and touch up both leather and vinyl, we know that you will be pleased when you also use this product. SURE-COAT is a water based leather coating system. It offers excellent flexibility and outstanding adhesion for interior and exterior automotive, marine, and household furniture applications.

You can use SURE-COAT to change or enhance the current color while maintaining the texture and look of leather, vinyl or plastic. SURE-COAT does not get brittle with age nor soften or crack within normal temperature ranges. Excellent for Protected Leather, Vinyl, and Plastic. Can apply on Aniline leather if you want to turn it into protected. It works so well because it moves right with the material -- no friction -- simply flows on.

Can be Brushed or Sprayed. Easy to Use. Dries Quickly. Superior resins provide greater adhesion, flexibility and durability.

Remember to order the proper cleaners and preps for the job you are doing for complete success.
Get your Prep Kit Here: BASIC KIT or DELUXE KIT

1/ Clean with SEM SOAP & gray scuff pad
2/ Spray Plastic/Leather PREP to remove greasy contaminant & increase color adhesion
3/ ADD CROSSLINKER to Surecoat to increase surface stains resistance the life of your recoloring job.
4/ Apply Surecoat with Foam Brush OR Spray Gun. If Spraying, add REDUCER to thin colorcoat for easy spraying. Spraying generally yields a smoother, even, professional finish than brushing.

Surecoat is used on Type P leather. Can also be used to convert Analine leather to Protected Leather.

Selecting the Correct Product for your coloring situation is extremely important. Follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Identify the Leather type. P (Protected), A(Analine, N(Nubuck). Most leather has a top coat/protected finish (type P). This finish will still show the grain but forms a coating on the leather. Paint or Dye is used on top coat finishes.
2. Select the color. Look up the color as appropriate in the furniture or auto color charts. You may find a good match on this page or you may find a good match on the auto-matched color page, Here. . Slight variations from your existing color is expected because of your computer screen settings and the age, conditions of your leather.
3. Select the product that matches your need. If we don't have your color, just send us a sample and we will match it for you. May we suggest our popular leather recoloring kit? It's the quick and easy way to get everything you need.

* 8oz covers apprx one chair
* 32oz covers apprx one sofa, loveseat, and a small chair
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