Leather Furniture Dyes, Paints

Leather Furniture Dyes, Paints. Recolor, Refinish
Which products to use for your restoration project depend on what type of leather you have and what your final goal.

* Click HERE to learn how to identify Analine, Protected Leather
* If you have Analine leather, check out DYE Sections
* If you have Protected leather OR want to convert Analine to Protected, read more on this page about product choices like: Leather Master, SEM Surecoat, SEM Classic Coat.

Leather Mater HC (High Covering), water based, is the ideal choice to restore furniture: sofa, couch, arm chair. Excellent adhesion when used with Prebottom. No cracking, no peelings. Your top choice to convert from Analine to Pigment, or to restore Pigmented leather. Apply with Foam Brush or Spray Gun.

SURE-COAT is a water based leather coating system. It offers excellent flexibility and outstanding adhesion for interior and exterior automotive, marine, and pigmented furniture. Apply with Foam Brush or Spray Gun. Do not use on Analine leather. To convert Analine to Pigment, use Leather Master HC instead.

ClASSIC COAT is auto-matched aerosols are perfect for renewing faded color on pigmented leather. Produces a coating that is flexible enough for seats. Abrasion and UV resistant enough for convertible and vinyl tops. Though Classic Coat is mainly used to restore car seats, you can use it on furnitures & sofas if you find your desired color. Since Classic Coat comes in aerosol can, it's convenient to use and yields a smoother finish than foam brush application.

You can change or enhance the current color while maintaining the texture and look of leather or vinyl. These Coatings do not get brittle with age nor soften or crack within normal temperature ranges. Excellent for Protected Leather and Vinyl. Apply it on Aniline leather if you want to turn it into protected type. It works so well because it moves right with the material -- no friction -- simply flows on. Can be Brushed or Sprayed. Easy to Use. Dries Quickly.

Make sure your leather is CLEAN before applying color, OR it won't stick well!!!

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What product should you choose, SureCoat, ClassicCoat,ColorCoat OR Dye? Visit our FAQ section.

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