PreBottom C to Increase Restoration Color Adhesion, Water based

PreBottom C to Increase Restoration Color Adhesion, Water based
Item# prebottom-c-waterbased-for-analine-pigmented-leather

Product Description

Pre-bottom assists in adhesion when applying color to leather that needs to absorb. This product is Required prior to appplication of High Concentration Color Pigment by Leather Master.

Pre-bottom C or Aqua is water based. It is intended for use of highly absorbent leather like analines and leather with light cracking. As an absorption blocker, it slows the leather's ability to absorb color. The slowing of absorption allows the Pre-Bottom to bond with color once it is applied to the leather surface. The combination of Pre-Bottom & Colorline will create a better bond of the color, thus making a better repair that will last longer.

Pre-Bottom should be hand applied and color should be applied when the PreBottom is still wet, thus creating a better adhesion to the leather.



Always check for colorfastness.
1/ Clean and prepare surface before application. Shake bottle well prior to use.
2/ Spray or wipe pre-bottom with a clean cloth to wet the leather.
3/ Hand apply 1st coat pigment CLP High Covering while the prebottom is still moist or tacky. Follow up color coats can be brushed or sprayed.
4/ Apply the appropriate top coat finish to seal the pigment in the leather.
5/ Apply Protection Cream.

Products you may need for complete Color Restoration Project with worn out, peeled, cracked leather: Cleaner, Stripper, Prebottom Solvent, HC colorline Pigment, Top Coat Finish, Protectant.

We also carry Prebottom SOLVENT. This is a stronger prebottom to be used on leather that has problems with absorbing.

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