Refinish Leather Instructions, Pigmented Car Seats, Sofas

Refinish Leather Instructions, Pigmented Car Seats, Sofas
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Product Description

How to Refinish Pigmented Leather, Auto Car Seat. Step-by-Step Instructions.

* Seam Soap
* Leather Plastic Prep
* Colorant, EitherSURE COAT, or, CLASSIC COAT
* Foam Brush
* Lint Free Cloth
* Grey Scuff Pad
* 400 grit sand paper

Step 1:

Clean first with Sem Soap and a gray scuff pad. Scrub thoroughly, paying close attention to textured or recessed areas. After scrubing, wipe off Sem Soap with a clean damp towel to remove residues.


Clean with Plastic & Leather Prep using a clean lint free towel and wiping in ONE direction (wiping in ONE direction will remove contaminants from the surface versus smearing contamninants around). If contaminants still exists after cleaning, water will bead on the surface. Repeat until beading no longer occurs.


Scuff the leather with a clean gray scuff pad, AND/OR 400 grit sandpaper. Blow off dust and clean again with Plastic & Leather Prep.


Apply either SURE COAT or CLASSIC COAT to enhance and renew your leather color.


CLICK HERE for video "How To Apply SEM Surecoat" to refinish car seats

Surecoat is ready to use. Hand stir or shake well to make sure color is consistent. Surecoat may appear foamy, however, bubbles will dissipate during application. Surecoat CROSS LINKER may be added (5g per pint) to increase the durability of Surecoat to the effects of most cleaning chemicals.

There are 2 ways to apply Sure Coat: BRUSH method OR SPRAY method.

* When BRUSHING, use Poly Brush or Foam Brush. Apply 1 light coat followed by 2 medium wet coats. Allow 5-10 minutes flash time between coats. Appply sufficient coat to achieve hiding. Allow Surecoat to dry sufficiently between coats to avoid brush marks.

* When SPRAYING, add Surecoat Reducer & Crosslinker. Hold Gun 6in-8in from the surface. Use 25-30psi from non-HVLP equipment or 8-10psi from at the cap for HVLP equipment. Apply 1 coat followed by 2 medium wet coats. Allow 5-10 minutes flash time between coats.

Even though film is dry to the touch, the subtrate should not be subjected to heavy abuse or abrasion for 48 hours.

NOTE: dry time is depedent on relative humidity and air circulation. Curing can be accelerated with a fan placed 3-4feet from the surface. Surecoat can be recoated within 24 hours without additional surface preparation.

Should a diffrent sheen be desired. You can order: High Gloss Clear, or Satin Gloss Clear, or Low Luster Clear. Two coats is generally sufficient.


CLICK HERE for VIDEO of "How To Apply Classic Coat" by SEM.

Shake can well. Hold can 6in-8in from the surface. Apply light mist coat followed by 2 medium wet coats. Allow 5-10min flash time between coats.

Spray Tip can be adjusted for either Vertical or Horizontal Spray Pattern.

Should I choose Sure Coat OR Classic Coat?

Sure Coat and Classic Coat is essentially the SAME type of paint.

Classic Coat offers a limited color selection, you cannot add CrossLinker to increase coating durabilty. The big plus for Classic Coat is: it comes in aerosol can. So, if you don't have Spray equipment and final smooth finish is important to you, this is your choice. Aerosol has the advantage of spray application, great flow, is convenient for hard-to-brush areas.

Sure Coat offers a much broader range of premix color, even Custom Match Color can be ordered (at addtional charge). You can add Crosslinker to increase surface durability & make surface more resistant to harsh chemical cleaning For people who don't have Spray Equipment, you can BRUSH with a foam brush.

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