Soft Finish Top Coat, Analine.

Soft Finish Top Coat, Analine.
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Product Description

250ml. Soft Finish is a solvent-based, nitro-cellulose finish. Soft finish has the softest feel of all the finishes in the Multimaster range.

Soft Finish will not affect the feel of the leather – it is more of a bonding agent than a finish – which makes it ideal for fixing colour on aniline leathers. Soft Finish can also be used to adjust sheen levels on pigmented leather.

This product can be applied by hand or spray – spray application tends to provide a more consistent sheen. If applied by hand, make sure you apply an even, single coat – over application may result in greying.

Soft Finish can be used on any kind of leather except Nubuck. This acts as a Top Coat AFTER your Colorline Analine (CLA) to "seal" the color in to prevent any color transfer.

It is designed for spraying, best with HVLP or airbrush, but can also be hand applied in circular motion.

How to Apply Top Coat Soft Finish on Analine or Pigmented Leather

Alaways check for colorfastness. Shake well before using. Wipe on Top Coat Finish with a Sponge or Lint-Free Cloth in CIRCULAR motions. If applied by hand, make sure you apply the product only once as you might have some hazing IF OVER applied. DO NOT apply using straight back and forth movements as you might have stripes at each end of your stroke. Dry with a hair dryer or air dry overnight (24hr) before reusing the leather.

You can mix the Gloss and Matte to create a Satin sheen, a popular mixture is: 1/3 Matte with 2/3 Gloss.

Products recommended for complete color restoration project, ANALINE leather:
1/ Soft or Strong Cleaner
2/ Colorline Analine Dye
3/ SOFT Finish Top Coat to seal the color in
4/ Leather Protectant to prevent daily soiling and stains proof.

Make sure you clean the surface well before dying.


Dye for Analine Leather Sofa
Designed to restore color and sheen to Aniline leathers like faded Sofa, Chairs, Jackets ... Because analine leather tends to fade quickly, we recommend a light coat once a year to maintain color and sheen.

Dye preserves the velvet, soft feel of analine leather. In general, 250ml can dye an arm chair.

This product is a DYE, the background characteristics of your leather (like antique, diestressed effect...) is still preservered after dying.
* For a darker effect, just apply another coat until desired tint is achieved.
* To lighten the color, purchase our Clear tint and mix with a tint of your choice. For example, your sofa is Brown and you are not sure if it is Lt Brown, Med Brown, or Dark Brown. You may want to purchase Dark Brown AND ClearWipeout. Mix them together until the right color is achieved. TIPS: Always try on the lighter side first. You can apply another coat to make it darker. But if you go TOO dark right away, it's almost imposible to reverse to a lighter color.

There is NO available Color Swatch for Tint as the color effect varies depending on the existing color of your analine furniture. Unlike leather paint which yields solid color change, dye renders a flexible, semi-transparent final color. The new tint will renew and enhance your existing color. Don't worry if you dye color is not an exact perfect match. The new color pigments will blend-in penetrating the leather so the final color will look uniform. This methos is a RESTORATION process (not a different color change). For example: you have a faded light brown sofa and want to restore it to the same color or a darker brown (but NOT from brown to green). If you want to change to a different color (ei: brown to green), use leather paint instead.

Dye can be applied using a lint-free cloth or foam brush. Purchase your Analine Prep Kit HERE

NOTE: You can convert Analine to Protected Leather. If your Analine is worn out and show a fair amount of stains, you may want to convert it to Protected Leather which resists fading, spills, and stains much better. If cleaning cannot remove the oily marks and dark stains, it maybe time to convert your Analine to Protected.

Make sure surface is CLEAN for good adhesion and even look. Shake bottle well. Rub the dye in the leather with a lint-free cloth using circular motions. Leave to dry before applying the next coat. The first coat may look blotchy, especially when the dye is still wet. After 3rd coat, color should look smooth & even. Up to 6 coats can be applied. Leather will not absorb any more color after the 6th coats. Buff gently to remove excess dye (if any).

If your sofa, especially the seat cushions and armrests are more worn out than the rest of the sofa, it is STRONGLY recommened to apply leather conditioner BEFORE color dying. This conditioner helps leather to absorb the color evenly (to avoid the blotchy look).

If you restore furniture or seats, these additional steps are recommended AFTER DYING to seal the color in and Protect your leather.

* Apply Leather Finish Top Coat to seal the color in.

* Apply Leather Protectant to help prevent stains from deeply absorbing into the leather (which is very hard to clean later). This way you are not actually cleaning the leather’s original surface, but cleaning from the surface of the protection (safer method).

Products recommended for complete color restoration project, ANALINE leather:
1/ Soft or Strong Cleaner
2/ Colorline Analine Dye
3/ SOFT Finish Top Coat to seal the color in
4/ Leather Protectant to prevent daily soiling and stains proof.

Note: Every leather article is unique in terms of the raw materials, products employed and tanning methods used in its preparation; we strongly recommend First TESTING the color on a less visible part of the sofe before proceeding with the whole couch.
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